Telefónica Digital

Exist To Innovate

“We don’t know what we need, but we’ll know it when we see it.” That was the brief from Telefónica Digital – a business launched in September 2011 whose mission it was to seize opportunities within the digital world and deliver new growth for the parent company, Telefónica.

What we did

Risk-takers. Mavericks. Entrepreneurial revolutionists with a “what’s next?” attitude. That’s the kind of person Telefónica Digital wanted to attract. That’s the kind of person who would deliver the kind of innovative ideas that would ultimately reshape the digital world. So how did we engage with them? By developing an employer brand that reflected this sentiment, and a careers site that left competitors thinking ‘why didn’t we think of that?’ We created the first careers site to be based around a search engine.


Search-Focused Design

Allowing the audience to search only what’s relevant to them, boosting personal engagement.


Dynamic Results Display

An innovative search result display for an audience up to date with UI/UX advances in the industry.


Interactive Office Summary

With offices across the world, Google Street View was utilised to give candidates a closer insight.


Feature-Rich Mobile Site

Essential for a business on the move, the mobile site highlights all core aspects from the main site across all platforms. As with the main site, users can use navigation functionality if they prefer it to the search box.

Intuitive Video Wall

As a fast-moving organisation who live by the minute, Telefonica Digital needed a way to showcase interviews, news stories and case studies with speed and ease. Updatable from their end, the video wall gave them the functionality to do just that with the most relevant and recent videos shown first depending on what the candidate is searching for.