Nandoca Reruitment Kit

Nando’s encourages each manager to run their restaurant as if it were their own business. To make sure there’s consistency throughout when it comes to recruiting new team members, we were set out to equip them with the means to recruit on brand, without too much red tape.

What we did

Ensuring brand consistency whilst still ensuring autonomy was a challenge. But our Nandoca Recruitment Toolkit did just that for Nando’s and their Patrãos (managers, that is). Featuring a step-by-step guide to recruitment – Nando’s style – the toolkit, with its access to various attraction collateral, templates and documents gives Patrãos the flexibility they crave to build their team their way.


Using the attraction campaign for Patrãos – ‘Find Your Rhythm’ – as our inspiration, we created an interactive PDF that is as engaging as it is informative.



Learning new moves

Featuring download links to templates and documents designed to help Patrãos throughout the recruitment process, the toolkit also showcases various attraction collateral that can be ordered fresh from Nando’s printers.

Keeping in sync

Launched in late summer 2014, the easy-to-use 23-page Nandoca Recruitment Toolkit was sent to each and every Patrão based in the UK, helping them recruit amazing new Nandocas to join their restaurant family.