Careers Website

Mercedes-Benz is famous for being The Best or Nothing. But their website needed a huge leap forward, with little content to build on. The user experience focused on their vehicles, at the expense of their other businesses.

We needed to prove to the audience that Mercedes-Benz was right for them. Showcasing their diverse colleagues and culture would help to humanise the brand, giving each business its own personality.


How we did it

To humanise the brand and connect with our audience, our core concept invited our audience to ‘Be The Reason’ behind Mercedes-Benz and showcased the people behind the brand.

Personality was key in our design. Each business page clearly featured their people, culture and environment (based on interviews and site visits). And crucially, all seven were designed equally in terms of functionality and design (apart from Retail, which required a location search function).

By placing each business on our navigation wheel menu, we made every single one look unique, but united. This concept even lived in the small detail, like randomising their positions each time the page was refreshed.

The results

The website also gained a 14.07% increase in women visiting from before launch compared to men, which increased by 11.11%. Our audience stayed for longer too, with visitors leaving the site after just three interactions dropping by 32.7%.

Visitors were checking out more pages as a result of our efforts to champion both the people and the culture, instead of their vehicles. ‘Be The Reason’ gave our client more than just a website. With ‘Be The Reason’ as a solid starting point, Mercedes-Benz now has a strong concept from which they can build a strong and long-lasting employer brand.