Enter Our World

Within the industry the name ‘King’ will resonate, but to enter a bigger talent pool they needed to increase brand awareness. We were sent on a mission to create an event stand – simple enough to be transported around the world, set up and operated, but exciting enough to stand out.

What we did

As this was the first time most people would have seen or heard of King, we wanted to welcome them into our ‘Seriously Playful’ world. So we created a modular stand that was fully interactive, powered by Raspberry Pi, and could be taken apart with ease, packed into specially made flight cases and then sent off to the next destination. We didn’t design the stand to only attract event visitors, but to truly engage with them and get them talking.




Pushing innovation

Ring the doorbell, walk over the doormat, touch the light, sit on a seat, have a chat with Mr Toffee. Whatever visitors to King’s world did, they would get a ding, a dong, a message or a soundbite about working at King.


And the saga continues…

There was a significant 55% rise in the number of visitors to during the event compared to their normal daily average, and the number of people joining their LinkedIn page also rose by 12%. The stand represents a saving of €50,000 per event (compared to when King used a specialist event client), a projected total saving of €1million once all 20 events have enjoyed the ‘Seriously Playful’ delights of our stand.