Jaguar Land Rover

It's All In The Detail

There are three distinct teams within Purchasing. Those working directly with suppliers, those ensuring the car comes together and those responsible for the infrastructure. We needed a campaign that showed their distinction but also that they were part of the same team, with the same goals.


What we did

It quickly became clear that the talent pool within automotive purchasing was rapidly shrinking, as it was within aerospace and other industries where candidates may have traditionally been sourced. So we needed to target those with transferable skills. We identified a number of areas we could target and where our audience was most susceptive to our message.



Taking a closer look at the opportunities

We took the F-TYPE coupe, and split it up into hundreds of parts. These were then dispersed across the digital ecosphere: popular sites and apps. Clicking on a part would take you to the Purchasing page, where a film of the car coming together would automatically start.


Inspiration all around

Candidates could then explore the Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe’s finest details and learn more about how Purchasing brought the parts to life.