Jaguar Land Rover

Graduate Brochure

Every year, JLR produce a new brochure highlighting their graduate and undergraduate programmes. Taking our umbrella brand ‘Excellence In Motion’ we set about creating a brochure that was enticing, engaging and reflected the premium nature of the brand.


What we did

We started with focus groups, finding out what graduates wanted to see and read about in a graduate brochure, covering everything from icons, to the amount of copy to the texture of the pages. Everything is about the detail at JLR and this wasn’t going to be any different.


This Is Where It Begins

To graduates, the message behind Excellence in Motion is that JLR is a place where they can drive both their own development and two of the world’s most iconic brands. So this brochure didn’t just give a compelling overview of the programme. It took readers on a journey, through every page, every photo, every graphic and every sentence.

A Community Of Origamists

We didn’t just want students to apply for a role at JLR, we wanted them to be inspired to find out more about the organisation and start building a community. So in the brochure we challenged them to create an origami Land Rover and upload it to the JLR Graduate page on Facebook. It worked. We had paper Land Rovers in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Acapulco, Egypt and Bournemouth to name a few. Not to mention a truly engaged community on social media.