Jaguar Land Rover

Engine Manufacturing Centre / Built By You

Back in 2014, Her Majesty The Queen officially opened JLR’s Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC). A £500m facility where JLR manufactures their own engines for the first time in a generation. But beneath the extensive publicity and vision, you need the people to make it the success it needs to be.

What we did

With a leadership team that are very visible on the production floor, and a 5,000-strong skilled workforce, we engaged employees with the key values by recognising their dexterity and hands-on approach. Each value is represented by a different, but recognisable hand gesture, helping build an emotional connection with employees.





Delivering our message

The six values were rolled out in print and digital formats, and the animation played on a 9-screen display in the main entrance, targeting the biggest footfall of employees and visitors. Strategically, the official opening day of the EMC was chosen to launch the new values.