Careers Site

Costa know how to craft good coffee. What they didn’t know was how to attract the right candidates to their careers offering. Our challenge was to transform their flat careers page into a stand-alone site, complete with employer branding that budding baristas just couldn’t ignore.

What we did

Within the industry, Costa has earned a reputation for providing comprehensive introductory training. What they lack, however, is a reputation for offering more than just nine-to-five jobs. We needed to create a careers site that showcased the progression and growth on offer, stopping candidates from “joining Costa for the training and leaving for Pret six months later”.


Creating the perfect blend

Using the new employer branding ‘Bring your unique blend’ as our steer, both visually and within the TOV, the new careers site now oozes warmth, personality and flair – giving candidates an instant understanding of the culture at Costa.

A cup always half full

Lightning-fast page download speed means busy hospitality candidates can easily and quickly view the site, and from any device too.



An identity full of flair

No one should ever underestimate the power of a well-positioned, creatively executed employer brand. Since the launch of ‘Bring Your Unique Blend’, hires have gone up. All because we’re now talking to the right audience.” – Rosalyn Thornton, Talent Attraction Manager