January 10, 2014


Depending on which link you click in Google, you will either know 2014 as the year of the horse, the brain or hard truths. None of those really appealed to us, so here at Pink Squid we thought we’d make it the year of our new website. I am sure you will all get behind us.

In truth, our old site was still stuck in the last decade, and as we moved with the times it very rarely followed. So we’ve said goodbye to it and today launched the mark 2. If you are a regular devotee of all things Squid we hope you’ve noticed. As you expect, the site still does what the old one did, but this is going to be a more living and breathing interpretation.

The first thing you’ll notice is that you are reading a blog. This is where each and every one of us will jump into from time to time and keep you posted on what we’re doing and what’s happening in our little helium-shark filled world. And we’ve got quite a lot planned for this year. Not least our 10k charge around London in April. But more on that at a later date.

They’ll be other stuff on the site too at some point. Some we’re working on, some we haven’t even thought of yet, but what you can be sure of is that it will be uniquely Squid.

If you ever want to comment, congratulate or abuse any of our posts that you can do that below. Thank you for reading.
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