January 10, 2014

Ever played a piano using a banana?



Everything you’ve got.

No, neither have we. That may change if our Digital Developer, Z, gets his way though. At Pink Squid we’re always trying something new so we can deliver something different, and recently Z introduced us to the MaKey MaKey, or as it’s more widely known, his packed lunch.

Branded as an ‘Invention Kit for Everyone’, the MaKey MaKey, sends signals through objects with an electromagnetic charge to a circuit board which can then control applications – and more importantly games. This didn’t just give us amusement at lunchtime, though, we did something with it – though we’re not prepared to say what. Though it did involve a pitch win and Z sacrificing his oranges.

In the words of Z, “It’s really exciting because it’s showing the next step in computer interaction. No more mice!”
You can find out more about MaKey MaKey at