Student Recruitment Campaign

The South Central Institute of Technology (SCIoT), is a brand new college. And not just any college, an Institute of Technology. As part of a government-backed scheme promoting closer relations with employers and offering higher level technical education, SCIoT was made to help close skills gaps in key STEM areas. And it needed launching.

Our main objective was recruiting around 130 students, across part-time and full-time courses, for HNDs, HNCs and apprenticeships, and setting them up with a level of brand awareness that empowers them to grow their student population for years to come.

How we did it

Look around and you’ll see that technology never goes in reverse. The skills you’ll gain at SCIoT aren’t just for a job now. They’re what you’ll need to keep you moving for the rest of your career.

‘Be Anything Ready’ is a narrative and an attitude.

We wanted to take students on a journey, getting them prepared for all aspects of life. By shining the spotlight on the limitless opportunities students would expect after completing a course at SCIoT, we’re representing the world of tech and digital as an open playing field that’s ready for the taking.

Our media activity was divided across passive and active channels, based on our six core personas. We radially targeted the area surrounding Milton Keynes and developed targeting and channel strategies that would help us isolate and reach members of our target audience groups.

The results

In the first month of the campaign, we’ve already delivered more than 6000 landing page views – getting the word out in the Milton Keynes area about what the institute has to offer.

We’re already well over a quarter of the way to the target of students for the 2021/22 academic year. And as the campaign focus shifts from awareness to lead generation, we’ll optimise our targeting and landing pages to help convert the most interested students over the summer to start in September 2021.