Student Recruitment Campaign

Accountancy is a skill that’s increasingly come under pressure from new career opportunities. Where it used to be seen as the route to the top, careers like consulting, banking and tech have become more attractive, offering greater opportunity and diversity of work and reward.

So, it was up to the industry body and qualification provider, ICAEW, to change what people think accountants do and in the process, inspire the next generation.

This meant challenging school students, people at university and their key influencers with messages on channels where they’d never seen accountancy before.

How we did it

We repositioned accounting, not as a career, but as a skill that can get you anywhere. Different industries, different locations, different jobs – it’s all up for grabs.

That’s where our creative tagline, ‘We get you there’ came from, a homage to the limitless possibilities that follow a qualification from ICAEW and an active, assertive tone to show candidates that whatever their goal, accountancy will get them there.

We knew that their traditional mix of job boards, print brochures and events didn’t make sense in 2020.

So our targeted digital-first campaign makes use of a range of channels to grab attention, break perceptions and build long-term brand awareness.


The results

The campaign has delivered over two million impressions in its first five months as we got word out about the benefits of accountancy skills.

Year-on-year page views to the ICAEW website are up more than 11%.

And there’s been a 44% increase in new users compared to the previous year, as we widen the talent pool.

The overarching strategy and ‘out of the box’ thinking is what really appealed to us within the pitching phase of the campaign. This has led to a more strategic and streamlined effort to help drive maximum performance of activity and budget. Pink Squid understood our Gen Z audience and their influencers from the get-go. Promoting careers in accountancy isn’t an easy job, yet Pink Squid thoroughly studied our challenges and directed our campaign with great enthusiasm and innovative thinking.

Cassandra Yoong
Marketing Manager, Student Recruitment