Cleveland Clinic London

Integrated Campaign

For an American healthcare organisation, building employer brand awareness in the UK and recruiting candidates isn’t easy. Doing that during a pandemic, where the spotlight is on the treatment of healthcare workers, is something else entirely. 

We were up for the challenge. We knew we needed to change the stereotypes that were held by many. Not only did this campaign have to raise awareness and build talent pools for Cleveland Clinic London (CCL), we had to break down perceptions in an authentic and respectful way as well. 

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How we did it

To understand the shifting market landscape, we analysed online conversations around private healthcare among professionals, pored over search results and surveyed external healthcare professionals. Then, to understand our own audiences better, we interviewed external professionals and CCL caregivers, conducted external surveys and used audience insight tools to give us a real depth of research.

We found that many caregivers were concerned about work life balance and burnout due to the pandemic. We also found that as 2020’s biggest message was ‘Black Lives Matter’, and groups from the US (and beyond) misguidedly countered with ‘All Lives Matter’, CCL’s proposition of ‘Every Life Deserves World Class Care’ could easily be misinterpreted.

Under the new proposition of ‘Let’s Deliver World Class Care Together’, the creative has a people focussed approach and was confident and personal, while reflecting CCL’s collegiate way of working. With the same clear purpose underpinned by their messaging pillars the new proposition is a more respectful and inclusive message.

Using digital platforms to help us build awareness, we drove engagement on the website and pioneered new platforms for CCL, such as Spotify and YouTube. All of this helped us monitor and optimise every single day, while building up our remarketing lists for future campaigns.

The Results

Our integrated campaign led to the amount of candidates actively interested in finding out more about CCL climbing by 20% and job applications in all areas surging by 230%. Overall, we had 5,558,420 total impressions and a 70% increase in traffic to CCL’s website.