JULY 14, 2020    

Here’s an update from the team on what the future looks like for now.


Since our last update, there have been some changes but a lot has also remained the same! We’re planning and thinking about the future but we’re also mindful of the present when it comes to returning to the Squid Tank and figuring out what our new ways of working could be. Our number one priority is still the wellbeing of our squids, and the quality of our work. 

Throughout June, we prepped the studio and adapted it to ensure that when Squids return to the office, there is enough space and the government guidelines are followed. We even transformed the Squid Tank into an operational and safe photo studio for a successful photo shoot with one of our clients.

We recognise that digital-first is here to stay, but over the coming weeks, starting in August, we will begin a phased return to the studio. This will only be for a very small number of Squids and choice will remain the operative principle. We will be ensuring that the office is fully kitted out with cleaning products, signage and most importantly, that all of the Squids feel comfortable and safe. Watch this space for more information.

In the US, it’s going to be different for a while longer. The team will stay in the UK for now, but with all the tools and platforms bedded in, the US flag is flying again – though virtually (for now).

The Squids returning from furlough have brought a fresh energy and perspective, and our culture is as strong as it ever was (without as many after-work drinks, though, so it is possible!). We’re still firing on all cylinders at four days a week for the time being, so the three-day weekends balance the work week quite nicely. 

We also launched our new YouTube channel, where we will be showcasing some of our work and the occasional sneak peek behind the curtains of life at Pink Squid. 

Take care, stay safe and (maybe) see you soon. 
The Pink Squid Team

MAY 28, 2020    

As we start to think about the future, here’s an update from the team.


There’s a blend of optimism and pragmatism right now, as we plan a phased return to the Squid Tank. We, of course, remain cautious, with the team’s wellbeing at the heart of everything, so we’re working together to create some new ways of working for both our Squids and our clients.

Over June, we’ll start to prep the studio and create some space. Digital-first is here to stay, but we’re looking to build more flexibility in how people work, albeit with some serious restrictions of movements in the studio from July onwards. With some rotation, flexible working and a lot of wipes and cleaning products, voices and music will again be heard from 25a Copperfield Street before the end of the summer.

In the US, it’s going to be different for a while longer. The team will stay in the UK for now, but with all the tools and platforms bedded in, the US flag is flying again – though virtually (for now).

Like so many other companies, it’s been hard for everyone involved to stay connected while we have some people on furlough, however some of the furlough Squids are helping out with Rethink The Rainbow, a collaboration between 50 authors. 

Rethink The Rainbow is a multimedia ebook that, through stories, narrations and videos, shines a light on children’s mental health, especially during these difficult times.

The team has come together to create a suite of social assets and content to tell their story, an awesome video, stings and a social media calendar. Plus a whole heap of other tips and support! The book is being released on Sunday, with all proceeds going to grassroots children’s charities.

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Take care.  And stay safe.
The Pink Squid Team

MAY 04, 2020    

Following our first month of separation, here’s an update from the team.


We don’t need to say how different things have been during the past month. For us all, life has changed in so many ways, but we’ve used the time to adapt and evolve.

We’ve never had a fully virtual team or studio before, but we do now, and fuelled on by one another – on a shorter week (no Fridays for now!) and supported by our furloughed squids – our relationships with each other and our clients have never been stronger.

So we go into May determined, focused on helping our clients, supporting our suppliers, and staying connected.

We’ve been putting some of our time into other things too. Thinking differently about what we do. Bringing ideas to life in new and exciting ways. Planning for our next steps in the US.

If you’ve not seen it, take a look below at how we said thank you to our key workers and the people who are keeping the world safer, and moving.

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Take care,
The Pink Squid Team


APRIL 02, 2020    

Following our last update, we wanted to update you on our continued efforts to support all our clients and the agency itself throughout this difficult time.


From Monday 6th April, we will be looking to flex our working hours and resources within the studio to help sustain the team during this lockdown.

This means we will be running with a reduced team over a four-day week, Monday to Thursday.

We are working with our clients and suppliers to make this happen, and appreciate everyone’s continued support and efforts throughout these unprecedented times.


MARCH 25, 2020    

We just wanted to give an update on how we’re getting on at Pink Squid.

Protecting our people


The whole team moved to remote working last week. Ahead of that we’d introduced a digital-first meeting approach and flexible working. We’re pleased to say all of the team are well, and although the new ways of working have distanced us physically, the team are in good spirits and looking after one another’s wellbeing.

Protecting our clients


We’re working hard to minimise the impact for our other clients across the virtual studio. Being a digital first agency, we’ve seen little impact in our ways of working, primarily due to how every one of the team has reacted to the situation.

Understandably, we’re seeing our client’s priorities change, but it’s great that so many have continued with their commitments. We’re working with them to design and position both their people and candidate comms through this challenging time.

Protecting our suppliers


We’re fully aware of the hardships some of our suppliers are facing right now. Therefore, we have reassured all our suppliers that all of their invoices will be honoured and paid in full and on time.

We hope that you, colleagues, friends and family are all taking care during the current Covid-19 crisis.

Stay safe.

The Pink Squid team