Like the

love child

of Scarlett Johansson
& Stephen Hawking

A man once told the media, “The currency we trade in is ideas.” (It was our Creative Director, Manj.) While the phrase may have caused mirth around the industry, there was also a nod of appreciation behind the mocking (“The currency I trade in is PAIN!” – Mr. T).

Because, simply put, that’s who we are.

We may have grown and evolved since Pink Squid was born over a plate of sushi in 2010, but the simple idea of taking art and science and blending them together has not. We believe that creativity combined with a water-tight strategy is the key to any successful communications piece. And we win awards because our work is as effective as it is innovative. That’s art and science. That’s us.


Our Values



Every idea, every task, every project. We love what we do and we focus on what excites us. It shows.



It’s not just about making stuff look pretty. It’s how we think. It’s how we act. Breaking away from the norm to deliver something different.



Creativity is nothing without the strategy. We work together to develop targeted, thought-led solutions.

Squid tank

Helium-filled sharks, remote-control helicopters and industrial-sized fans.

SquidQuarters isn’t just our office, it’s a hub of creativity and die-hard commitment on the foosball table. And if that sounds like fun, that’s because it is. But we’re also a work hard, play hard kind of place. So you won’t be grabbing the remote for the Piranha (yes, another helium-filled fish) until you’ve done something you’re truly proud of.



The Squids

Spacemen, cowboys and cricketers. If we had all ended up being who we wanted to be when we were younger, chances are we wouldn’t be here now.

Thankfully, lacking as we did the necessary oxygen tanks and leather chaps, we all got a little older and a little wiser. Until one day, each in our own individual ways, we got our calling.

We finally realised we were born to be a Squid. Meet us.